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Learn Where To Play Backgammon Online And Win Money

Although there have been many changes over the years concerning backgammon, one of the biggest evolutions is the possibility to play the game online. With the help of Internet, you can play backgammon with players from all over the world. You can make the game of backgammon even more exciting by taking part in tournaments with guaranteed real money rewards. The games with real money at stake are separated on different levels starting from $0.01 up to $200 and more. Let our site recommend you to the most secure, popular & trustworthy real money backgammon sites that you can find online We have personally reviewed and listed the best online backgammon sites according to these criteria:
  • Deposit Bonus - When a backgammon room offers a deposit bonus, this is a sign that it cares about its players and wants to give value back to them.
  • Rake - High rake is a killer for a profitable backgammon player, so it is important to play at rooms with low or modest rake percentages.
  • Tournaments - Backgammon tournaments give you the opportunity to turn a buy-in of $20-$30 into $600 or more. This is a great chance for players with small bankrolls to earn money and start playing with the big boys.
  • Number of players - The more players a backgammon site has, the higher the chances are of always being involved in a game, and the number of weaker players is higher as well.
  • Security - You do not want to play at a site that does not pay out or that allows cheating. The sites that we have listed are safe and do not allow such practices.
  • Software - You will be spending tons of hours staring at the software used by the different backgammon sites where you play. You need to be sure the software is fast, reliable and has the options you need.
  • Support - A site with bad support is a site that does not care about its players. If the support of a certain site does not answer your question or is responding slowly always contact us on a Social Network such as Facebook & Twitter and we will deal with the manner.
ALthough we are primarily a backgammon site, we realise that people may be interested in other types of gambling or casino related games.There are many types of mobile casino games available currently. These are worth trying if you're looking for something a little different from backgammon.

What Does It Take To Win From Backgammon?

Players need to make good decisions both at the table and outside of it in order to increase their winnings from online backgammon. Making good decisions at the table or in-play means having a good theoretical knowledge of the game. In order to improve that, you can take a look at the following articles - Basic Backgammon RulesAdvanced Backgammon Rules and an article about one of the most important innovations in the last few years regarding backgammon called Backgammon Analytical SoftwareWikipedia also offers the basics of the game structured in a very good way. When taking a look at decisions made outside of the game, it is obvious that some players can easily be fooled to play backgammon at the wrong sites, and this can cause a lose of confidence in their play or in the various online versions of backgammon. We think that playing at a website that guarantees you a secure environment is very important. A backgammon room where you can play versus real people and not bots and where you can withdraw safely is much more important than actually being the best backgammon player. Aside from improving your theoretical knowledge about backgammon, have in mind these aspects that can help you win more:
  • Are you taking advantage of bonuses and promotions offered by backgammon sites?
  • Are you missing some guaranteed backgammon tournaments or freerolls?
  • Do you have the proper bankroll management to withstand a bad series of luck?
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